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film editing, bespoke music and sound

delivering mixed and mastered graded content

About 01
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Match Music Media is a post production company

delivering mix, mastered and graded content. 

Robert Shipster is a film editor, a music producer, composer, multi-instrumentalist,

and founder of Match Music Media.

He has edited and scored for TVCs, brand campaigns,

documentaries and films. You can view these here

Robert Shipster combines his skills of both music and film in unique way.

Stories come to life and have more impact

when these two mediums really work together 

in rhythm, pace and beauty, as one. 

Get in contact for

bespoke music and sound, film editing,

colour grading, mix and mastering.


The whole shebang.


We work fast
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We work fast and to your timeline. As well as having worked in a high paced editing role at Rankin, Robert can offer a bespoke music composition in as much time as it takes an film editor to find something from a sync library. 

Sometimes it's editing, sometimes it's music, sometimes it's both. 

With extensive knowledge of programs from Adobe suite, and Logic, Ableton, Pro Tools, Match Music Media can do any one task, but also the combination of all.

It could be a documentary score, motion design on after effects, a music video, or a one stop shop for everything. 

When a project is done all in one place, with one imagination, it becomes immersive.

There becomes less of a separation between the different fields, but a potent mix of them, with no separation between what you see and hear. Every tiny detail has meaning.
They are one and the same - truly matched.

The story is 'a thing in itself' - organic, sincere and authentic.

The journey is immersive and powerful, and it is told with impact. 

Journey Soundwave
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Journey so far: 

Age 2
First words were Bach and Rachmaninov

Before my next birthday

Working on a project with you.

Age 4
Built first drum kit out of Southern African hand drums 

Age 7
Started learning cello and drum kit

Age 8 
Went to a Ghanaian drumming course at
Dartington International Sumer School


Age 7 - 18
Classically trained on cello, school and summer orchestras, getting grade 8

Soul, jazz and rock bands on drum kit, getting grade 8 at fourteen


Age 15
Started classical and jazz piano

Age 18

Jazz piano and drums at Lavelle School of Music, Washington D.C, and a music production course. 

Learnt mbira, the Nyanga Panpipe Dance and Kudu Horns from Andrew Tracey, the director of ILAM, Makhanda, South Africa

Age 19 - 20 

Two visits, eight months in Ghana - lived with master drummer, Prof. Johnson Kemeh of University of Ghana to study Ewe and Ashanti drumming


Robert has since been teaching the styles in UK - schools, universities, summer courses, and festivals. 

Age 19 - 22
BA English and Philosophy degree from University of East Anglia

Produced lots of tracks exploring audio software Reason 3, Pro Tools and Logic

Age 22 - 26 
Masters at SOAS University in Ethnomusicology, Cuban and West African Drumming (MMus)

Music production course with distinction, IMW Campus London

Age 23
First job doing composing music for a fashion collaboration On|Off and W Hotels. Have a watch

began composing and producing music for sync music, online brands campaigns, TVCs, short films and documentaries.

Age 28 
Filmed and edited a documentary on The Isle of Man TT, the most dangerous motorsport race in the world. It's called 'The People's Race'

Age 30 - 31 
Two years as a film editor for Rankin. Worked on music videos for Boy George, Dido, Will Young, fashion films and adverts, and also a film with Public Health England, directed by Richard Curtis. 

Age 34, 2021, moved from London to Wales, to create in nature, and have enough studio space for all the instruments and equipment. 

Studio and home are in two 10m artic lorries which Robert converted, and he has a music museum in a wooden hut overlooking a waterfall. 

Three llamas called Jimmy, Roe and Kai walk next to the trucks whilst all sorts of sounds come from within. 

It's located just below the Brecon Beacons, on the edge of a forest, in a beautiful campsite called Willow Springs Campsite.

come for glamping and say hi.



Age 33

Robert bought his one thousandth instrument (but who's counting) 



SOAS University opened the door to new styles of music from around the world. Over the years Rob has studied and performed with bands that play Klezmer, Gamelan, Amandinda, Ceilidh, Bata and Djembe drumming, Nyanga Pan Pipes, Brass Band, Kudu Horns, Gamelan, Balkan, Trad Jazz, Synth Pop, Trad Chinese music. He has learnt instruments such as accordion, clarinet, mandolin, mbira to name a few, more often violin, drum kit and piano, particularly pieces by Chopin and Liszt. Robert's biggest musical challenge is the tabla. For a decade, he has been studying with guru Sirishkumar Manji, and is continuing for the long haul. 

Any sound and style can be replicated since there is a menu of sounds available in rooms, on shelves and walls.

Rob's considerable musical instrument collection would amaze even the most avid collector.

Your imagination is realised, from concept to reality. 


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